• love heart wall decals

    LOVE HEART Wall Stickers

  • removable minimalist christmas tree wall decal

    CHRISTMAS TREE wall sticker

  • Disco Ball Wall Sticker mirrorball wall decal

    DISCO BALL Wall Sticker

  • stars moon wall stickers moon stars nursery stickers

    STARS MOON wall stickers

  • Rabbit Wall Sticker colourful rabbit wallpaper pattern

    RABBIT Wall Sticker

  • easter egg blackboard decal

    EGG CHALKBOARD wall sticker

  • heart wall stickers girls bedroom walls

    HEART Wall Stickers (Hand Drawn)

  • halloween monster decal

    Monster Face Wall Sticker

  • sleeps until christmas sign

    Christmas Countdown Calendar CHALKBOARD

  • Chicken Coop SIGN

  • Easter Bunny Chalkboard wall decal

    RABBIT CHALKBOARD wall sticker

  • removable small snow topped christmas trees wall decals

    CHRISTMAS TREE (small) wall stickers

  • christmas cracker decals


  • bat wall stickers

    BAT wall stickers

  • star wall stickers hand drawn

    STAR wall stickers (Hand Drawn)

  • removable bunting decals

    BUNTING wall sticker

  • Balloons Wall Stickers pastel bunch of balloons wall decals

    BALLOON wall stickers

  • colourful easter egg wall window decals

    EASTER EGG Wall Stickers

  • sprinkles wall stickers colourful pattern sprinkles wall decor

    SPRINKLES wall stickers

  • transparent candy cane wall stickers

    CANDY CANE Wall Stickers

  • Snowflake Bauble Wall Stickers gold snowflake decals

    SNOWFLAKE BAUBLE Wall Stickers

  • heart wall sticker reflective mirrored heart wall decal

    HEART Wall Sticker

  • Bunny Rabbit Family Wall Sticker bunny rabbit family wall decal

    BUNNY RABBIT FAMILY wall sticker

  • Reindeer Wall Sticker light brown reindeer wall decal

    REINDEER wall sticker


Everyone loves to celebrate an occasion. At moonface studio we have the perfect decor for each party or gathering.

Bring fun to the party with cute bunnies for Easter, scary bats for Halloween and sparkle for Christmas.

All our decals are designed and created in house from a low tack removable vinyl.

So you can rest assured that you can remove them without causing any damage to your walls.

copyright moonface studio