Do you ever walk passed a house and wonder what it is like inside? I do!

Many moons ago I used to work as a Location Manager in the Film and Television Industry. This meant I got to go into many different types of homes across the UK. I fondly remember being in a stately home with all its splendour one day, then a quirky country cottage the next. Each gave me an insight into how the home owner lived; their hobbies; what they liked; places they had visited. Often many of these possessions would remain on set to become part of the film character’s own home. How you decorate your home really does say a lot about you.

I love seeing my wall stickers on other peoples walls. A glimpse into their world.
This image is the home of The Hectic Eclectic. (Can you spot our paint dot decals?).

Her home has such a warmth about it. I love the mix of textures and colours. To get more inspiration for your home check out her feed on instagram @the-hectic-eclectic