Birthday season is upon us! Do you also have a time in the year when there are lots of birthday parties all at once? For the Moonface family that time is around now, yep winter parties! So park parties can be a little bit hit or miss. You really need to have the kids indoors!!

We have held lots of themed parties at home – Knight parties, Mermaid parties, Lego parties, Scooby Do parties. I am looking forward to one of them asking for a Disco party soon. I can not wait to hire a smoke machine and some flashing lights..

Getting the kids ready to go to a party is the hardest part for me. I never allow enough time for wardrobe changes! One tip I’ve learnt is that if you want them to write the card its best not to give it to them in the car on the way there!. On the way to the last party we went to the pen leaked and my daughter and I entered the party covered in ink.

I would also recommend you taking charge of the present until you get to the party venue. That way you will avoid driving halfway to the party before your child remembers the birthday gift he just wrapped and left on the kitchen table!