With the kids breaking up from school for the schools holidays mere moments away, I thought it apt to write about what may happen over the winter holidays with the kids at home.

Being a creative house, our kitchen table is always covered in textas (felt-tips), paper, scissors and glue. I love that they can entertain themselves for an hour or so and see how their imaginations flow. At the moment I am being given a lot of guinea pig pictures and ‘Tin Tin’ illustrations!

Luckily, now they are older, they are more responsible for the tools of their trade. I remember when my youngest was little she somehow managed to be left alone with some scissors. I found her when she had given herself a lovely new fringe!

The photo above was sent to us by a Moonface Studio customer. Her daughter had decided that our fairy wall sticker needed a bit more colour! I think it looks pretty good.

I am all for the kids being creative indoors but I think I will come up with some ways to be creative outdoors these holidays. I think I will rug them up and go beach combing for treasures; make some art on the deserted beaches and I will also take them to see some established artists work. I am thinking Van Gogh at the NGV and the McClelland Gallery is always great to see some sculpture.