When I first moved to Australia from the UK i thought I would be seeing a lot less rain drops!
My images of an Aussie lifestyle came from watching tv soaps like ‘Neighbours’. I thought everyone would have a pool and everyone would love to surf. Image how much of a spin-out it was when after a couple of months of living in Melbourne I began to work on the show as a props person!

On ‘Home and Away’ I was confused by the concept of the caravan park.

My childhood holidays were at camp grounds where you would tow your own caravan to a spot in a paddock for two weeks. No communal toilet blocks just the tiny caravan toilet with a shower overhead.

I love camping in Australia, getting out to various spots either in our tent or the luxury of hiring a cabin, just like they used to do on ‘Home and Away’!

We recently went to Wilsons Prom in Vic, it is a truly amazing spot. The setting is perfect for getting out and about with kids. There’s the beach, mountains and local wildlife to see. Rain, Hail or Shine I think I have the camping bug!