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At Moonface Studio we use both the term wall sticker and wall decal, is there a difference or are they the same thing?

Wall Stickers is the term normally used in the UK where Moonface founder Vicki is from but decal is favoured in Australia where Moonface Studio is based.

The term sticker (noun) is a small piece of paper or plastic with a picture on one side and glue or another similar substance on the other side, so that it will fasten to a surface. The term decal (noun) is a picture or design printed on special paper, that can be put onto another surface such as metal or glass. Pretty similar eh?

The main difference is that decals tend to be more intricate, like lettering or designs that have pieces cut out. So they need to use a application paper to be attached on to the wall in the correct position with the same spacing between each letter or element. The majority of our wall sticker designs require the use of application paper. Stickers on the other hand can just be peeled from the backing paper and applied to the wall. This is how you can apply the designs in our pattern range. The term decal is also used for full colour wraps on vehicles so we have decided that the term wall stickers best covers what we make.