Well the New Year has started and with it comes lots of promises of new things to do.

This year (along with lots of other people!) I am hoping to get fitter. I had a year when I gave running ago, a year when cycling was my go-to exercise and now I am thinking I may do a kind of mixed up backyard training regime using things that I find at home to use. I am also going to lead a more orderly life. De-cluttering things that have been in the wardrobe for years that I now know I will never need. It feels so good to donate things that are no longer needed by the family to friends or the op-shop, knowing someone else will use them.

I also want to travel more this year. New Zealand seems like a great option, I have been before years ago but I think it would be a great place to revisit with the family. Every time I look at this chalkboard wall sticker it will remind my of my 2018 goal. If you have set goals for the year I wish you all the best in achieving them.